Youth and Family Ministry Emphases

6e08e932b9d1a36fffff8096ffffd524Youth ministry happens when youth live their Christian faith by: Belonging   Youth realize the significance of their baptism into Christ and join with the other Christians and peer groups for fellowship, fun, mutual support, and growth, including people of all cultural communities, and physical and mental abilities.

Celebrating   Youth worship and respond to God through the word and sacraments and gather together in thanks and praise.

Nurturing   Youth grow in understanding themselves, their personal relationships, and their Christian faith in the context of the total Christian community including persons of all ages and abilities.

Witnessing   With the help and by the power of the Holy Spirit, youth tell the good news of Jesus Christ in words and actions, affirming and sharing their faith with others.

Serving   Youth minister to the physical, spiritual, and social needs of others by visiting the sick and imprisoned, befriending those who are alone, and attending to the needs of all their neighbors.

Developing Leadership   Youth study the scriptures and our Christian heritage, developing God-given talents and skills and becoming committed to leadership and ministry in the church and community.

Being Good Stewards   Youth live faithfully as caretakers of God’s world, respecting the earth, managing self and possessions, and giving time and personal resources to God’s work in the world.

Doing Justice   Youth respond to the call of Christ to work for fairness and a just way of life for all people, especially the poor, oppressed, and forgotten.   [This information has been adapted from the original produced by the ELCA transition team for Youth Ministry Division for Congregational Ministries, ELCA].

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