GENEROUS LIFE JOURNEY, The Road to Financial Freedom

By  Gunnar Johnson, 224 pgs


Reviewed by Ed Scott, Young Adult member

A good read. Very informative. The author takes a hardline stance on positive tithing versus coercive tithing without condemnation.  The book defines Tithing as bringing forth to God the first fruits of what He has given you, encouraging tithing to be the first budget line item.  The author reinforces the concepts of stewardship and delves into what it means that everything we own is God’s, and we are just taking care of it all.  There are different guidelines and perspectives in the book for people in all walks of life.  The author specifically addresses four financial categories of people:  In need, Scraping By, Satisfactory, and Surplus;  I recommend this book, especially if your financial status is one of these four.  This book is solid, engaging, biblically literate, and passionate.


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