THE GOOD OF AFFLUENCE,Seeking God in a Culture of Wealth

By: John R Schneider, 244 pgs


Reviewed by Matt Scott, Former Church Council President

In The Good of Affluence, author John Schneider writes a Biblical justification for the notion that not only is material success – what we call affluence – not a moral and spiritual evil, but not contrary to God’s intent for human beings.  His arguments are grounded in biblical texts, specifically Genesis where he articulates God’s intent that man and woman have dominion over the earth but also that they should have abundance. In Leviticus, God describes his desires for abundance for his chosen people (the Israelites).

Schneider does address the dangers of affluence and the moral and spiritual pitfalls of material wealth, especially when present with other human weaknesses (such as greed and selfishness); but he points out that this overlooks the good that is possible when an affluent person chooses to use his or her wealth for good.  The author also makes compelling biblically-based arguments for our responsibilities as affluent Christians in a global economy/culture.  As a whole, the book does an excellent job of justifying the success of Western capitalistic societies and helps the concerned Christian apply God’s benefits in ways that are consistent with His will.


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