WHAT GOD DOES WHEN MEN LEAD, The Power and Potential of Regular Guys

By Bill Peel, 256 pgs



Reviewed by Frank Jurgens, Church Council Treasurer

The book that I am reading is ‘What God Does When Men Lead:  The Power and Potential of Regular Guys’ by Bill Peel.  While I have not finished reading it, I think that it does hit on the major themes of Biblical Stewardship that we are bringing out in our new approach to Whole-Life stewardship.  The book title and the dialog in the book suggest leadership by men; however, there is nothing that I see that does not apply to women as well. I recommend this book to someone who is, or is wanting to be, in a position of leadership in the church. The ideas in this book can also be applied to just taking leadership of your own life. Personally, I do not like books on ‘How to be a Christian,’ but many people enjoy reading this type of book. I think readers will get some good information and perspective on the idea that we are just stewards of God’s creation.


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