Whole-Life Summer 2018



Whole-Life Stewardship is about awakening us all to our Mission as Stewards of God to grow in our faith life together and be fruitful.


Our next step in Whole-Life Stewardship is a Summer of introspection, study, connections, and deepening faith.  Your focus this Summer is to be refreshed in His Spirit and explore where you are, meet God there, and then take a step in faith to where God is leading you.


This Guide is a tool issued to every individual to be used to these ends:

  1. Understand that Whole-Life Stewardship is a change in the way of being new Life Lutheran Church. Explore, comprehend, and then begin to live the four basic principles of biblical stewardship.
  2. Engage regularly in discussions with others about your stewardship life. Spend time reflecting on your faith life and prayerfully considering what God is calling you to do.
  3. Assess your current spiritual gifts and seek to understand them and then match them to the missions of New Life.
  4. Commit to a 6-month “Step Up” weekly or monthly offering.


We ask each of you to dive deeper into what being a steward of God means for you in your life, in your family’s life, and in our community.  Suggestions for mutual support include:

  • Faithfully worship weekly over the Summer
  • Follow Pastor’s summer sermon series
  • Continue or begin meditating with the weekly Stewardship Corner; the archive can be found online from our Stewardship page
  • Engage in Sunday morning’s weekly fellowship between worships


On Rally Day Sunday, August 19th, come to worship ready to return your personal God’s Work, Our Hands form and your sealed Step Up offering commitment in the offering plate.  We will raise these gifts up to God for blessing in thanks and praise as we enter into the next step in Whole-Life stewardship ministry as a way of our being God’s Church.

Always to His glory.