Summer 2018 Reading List


Your Church Council wants every individual to choose a book from this list. We ask each person to select and acquire one of these books to read over the summer, and then engage in small group discussion with others reading these books – friends, family, social groups, service groups, etc.  The Director of Community Life will be keeping a database of who is reading which books to create flexible options for small group discussions.

We encourage groups of 3 to 5 for ongoing discussion over the summer. Families may choose to create their own small group; they may choose to read the same book or different books to compare and share thoughts.


  1. Evaluate the recommended list. Read the council review.  Go to the New Life website Whole-Life Stewardship page for more information about the books.
  2. Prayerfully choose a book to read. Consider one that speaks to you where you are or where you want to be; challenge yourself to grow in faithfulness and fruitfulness. The choice is personal.
  3. Buy the book or text (or find in a library). Financial assistance available upon request.
  4. Inform the church office of your choice and begin reading the book.
  5. Small Group Leaders will be identified and small group options will be presented. We hope that small groups will meet weekly or bi-weekly over the summer and discuss and share thoughts. Meeting in a home/café type environment is suggested. Sharing a meal or snack is suggested.
  6. Whether you choose to read one or all these books, continue to engage in deeper discussions with others about the responsibilities of a faithful and fruitful steward.


Your Church Council recommends the following books for personal, family, and community reflection and discussion.   All these books were bought, read, and reviewed by current or former council members for their value and support of our mission to live responsibly and give joyfully. Not all books we read made the list.