Sunday Education Opportunities

Christian Learning is Life-Long LearningThere are a variety of learning opportunities available for every student from the very young to the very experienced on Sunday mornings at 9:15am.  The list is always changing due to the season of the year.



Classes for younger students include learning about God, making friends, arts & crafts, and lots of fun.

2 & 3 year old class:   The young ones are enjoying learning about the Bible through Sparks Online.

Pre-K, Kindergarten & 1st Graders: Are learning about the Old Testament in the Sparks Story Bible with fun arts and crafts!

2nd & 3rd grades: Have been working hard with the 10 Commandments.

4th, 5th & 6th grades: Have been learning the Books of the Bible. (Old and New Testament)

Jr. High & High School: Are surveying the Old Testament.



The ABC class – Adult Bible Class is led by Christal Thompson and are reading: Minor Prophets on the Old Testament.

They meet in the Library in the Administration Building.

The DVD Class –  This class uses DVD’s to facilitate interesting and timely discussion.  Daring Video Disciples, led by Nolan & Donna Patschke, are watching and discussing a series entitled “How Jesus Became God” by Professor Bart D. Ehrman. They meet in the fellowship hall DVD Room in the Fellowship Hall.

“God Works” by Pastor Gigee… is self-led with groups of 5-8!  40 Days of light reading with reflection questions, quotes for the Bible and history to consider and artwork to reflect upon.

“WHO’S GOT YOUR BACK?” A class for men of all ages… single, married, retired, divorced, widowed, etc sharing conversations about the male spiritual journey and how men can tend to that path faithfully for benefit of heart, life, family, workplace and the Church!

“BE WISE WITH MONEY” begins Sunday March 15.  9:15 am.  Thrivent’s Bryan Davis will share 4 presentations to singles, young married couples, parents of toddlers & elementary youth and others who want to learn more about handling finances.

“The Path to New Life” – is an exciting introductory course to Lutheran Christianity for seekers, those considering marriage, newer members and serves as a refresher for those who are “confirmed” but yet have questions about their faith. (This course is held periodically during the year).