Guiding Statement (Vision/Mission/Core Values)


  • The vision of New Life Lutheran Church is to be a vibrant spiritual community where people of all ages and stages of life can thrive through the abundance found in Jesus. We want to be a church that is small enough that we can be known to one another and big enough to imagine God’s love for all the earth. We desire to be rooted in God’s word and call all people to engage in the sacraments of water and table. We feel called to help everyone, especially young people, discover the Lutheran witness in our day and time through serving our neighbors nearby and around the world.


  • Our mission is to raise disciples
    planted in God’s love,
    growing in faithfulness,
    and nourishing the world.

Core Values:

  • Worship: Participating in liturgy, rituals, Spirit-guided music, with attention to the seasons of the church year.
  • Family: Providing compassion for the needs of children, youth, and adults of all ages through fostering meaningful relationships.
  • Hospitality: Giving abundant welcome to all, especially to guests and strangers, with genuine care and concern for their needs.
  • Community: Living together in mutual support and fellowship while remaining adaptable to changing circumstances.
  • Service: Helping others through sharing God’s love and caring for those in need.