The Quilters


Quilters keep building quilts and friendships on Tuesday mornings.
Half the quilters do traditional quilting with tiny stitches in June, July, and August. Vera finds a pattern, works a miracle, makes a king-sized quilt top, and mounts it in the frame. The finished traditional quilt is auctioned at the October Bazaar (proceeds of which are used for purchasing new batting and sheets).
We sent 200 quilts at Easter 2017. Recently Lutheran World Relief notified us that some of those quilts arrived in Tanzania on September 11, 2014. Our mission quilts provide comfort and warmth when the temperatures drop at night.
Come visit on Tuesday mornings. We need two pots now for 11:00 am coffee time. Come for coffee or to chat. Every half hour counts for another tied quilt or more tiny stitches in the Bazaar king-sized quilt. We love visitors, too!

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