Safety Protocols

Procedures for in person worship

What to expect as you arrive and enter church


Everyone will be ushered in.  No admittance without Face mask.

  1. Once inside please do not remove your face mask.  Only during communion will you be allowed to remove your face mask
  2. Everyone will social distance outside prior to being admitted
  3. You will be asked to step inside where you will pick-up your bulletin and communion
  4. You will be ushered to your seat.
  5. Once seated you will NOT be allowed to roam
  6. Restrooms will be closed & Water fountain will be turned off (Jull Building will be open for EMERGERCY use, but you MUST sanitize after yourself)
  7. Please follow directions during service
  8. Everyone will be ushered out row by row.
  9. Please remove all bulletins, trash and communion packs as you leave.
  10. Shaking hands and close contact are discouraged.
  11. Please bear with us as we are new at this process.